Instruction and Video

Media Suite User Guide (Articulate 360)

The creation of the Media Suite @ Dirac was a large-scale project I led in Fall 2022 and early Spring 2023. To go along with this space, I created an instructional guide (opens in new tab) with Rise 360, a learning management system (LMS) optimized for mobile viewing or integrating with another LMS like Canvas. The guide covers use of the studio space and its equipment, along with links for tutorials that may change (such as Creative Cloud software).

Chemistry Faculty Research Series

To showcase their research for prospective graduate students, the FSU Chemistry Department reached out to our digital media team to create 3-5 minute research highlight videos. We recorded interviews, extensive b-roll, and edited the videos for all 19 researchers who participated. As the videos are not public until mid-October, I can’t share a link here; instead, please email me if you would like a sample file of one of the videos.

Self-Teaching Precalculus Lesson

In addition to teaching math as a Math Instructor, I created supplemental reference materials for students to use on their own. The Introduction to Trigonometry packet helped refresh students on trigonometry, which many had not studied in 2-3 years.

FSU Libraries’ YouTube Tutorials

I create short instructional videos on library services. You can view them through the FSU Libraries’ YouTube page. Recent videos I made include Interlibrary Loan, Finding a Database, and a YouTube Short Universal Accessibility Rooms.

Media Suite Physical User Guide

In addition to the digital guide mentioned above, I created a physical user guide for the Media Suite. This guide was printed and bound, and it serves as a launch point to reach the digital guide and other useful links, as well as rules and setup for using the studio.

Precalculus Job Aid

While working as a Math Instructor, I served as a reference for other instructors who needed help teaching Precalculus or AP Calculus. I created a series of short job aids to cover specific topics in higher-level math for instructors to use if I were unavailable. My Teaching Vector Word Problems guide was used frequently during that time.