Analysis and Communication

Automatic Speech Recognition Research Report

FSU’s online research repository has a wealth of video and audio content, but most of it is uncaptioned. This presents a problem for any deaf or hard-of-hearing (DHH) researchers who need to access the content in the repository. Our research team set out to answer the question: can Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) software be used to simplify the captioning workflow. Our initial findings showed promising results for the software tested; we are currently testing the amount of time saved by editing nearly accurate captions compared to generating captions from scratch.

Media Suite Report

The Media Suite is a self-service recording and editing studio created to support the video and audio needs of students at Florida State University. Opened at the beginning of 2023, the space has performed even better than anticipated. I documented its background and usage in my Media Suite Report, including charts next steps.

Web Refresh Accessibility Recommendations

In summer 2022, FSU Libraries transitioned from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. Having exhaustively identified accessibility issues with the Drupal 7 instance of the website, I detailed those issues along with potential solutions in my Web Refresh Accessibility Recommendations.

Podcast Hosting Service Proposal

To continually improve our service offerings, I identify areas for expansion and development. One such area was hosting for scholarly podcasts: while distribution services exist like Spotify or iTunes, there are limited options for free, reliable file hosting. I researched and wrote the Podcast Incubator Service Proposal detailing our goal to offer this service to the research community at FSU.